Ep. 9 Collective action in the fight against corruption – Lessons from Primrose Sonti

Primrose Sonti
South African MP and grassroots activist Primrose Sonti with Executive Director of Step up Nigeria, Onyinye Ough.

After the tragic killing of 37 miners from the Marikana community by the South African Police, Madam Primrose Sonti led her community in a fight for justice. They demanded accountability from government and from the mining company that they believed had failed the Marikana community.

Madam Primose Sonti (now a South African Member of Parliament) is a good example of how those at the grassroots, particularly women, can become leaders. They can mobilise citizens in the fight against potential corruption and in the promotion of community rights. She is also the protagonist in the documentary  ‘Strike a Rock‘.  It shows the struggle being faced by the Markina community.

In this interview, Primose Sonti explains her motivation and how she was able to mobilise the women to fight for justice. They stood up against the the mining company and the South African government. Enjoy the podcast.

Check out Onyinye Ough‘s second book Halima’s Vote. Halima’s Vote is a story about showing leadership at the community level in tackling corruption. Please share your comments below. Follow us on twitter.

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