The citizens watchdog initiative is focused on building social accountability in the following areas:

1. Public Sector Audit Process:

We are working towards producing citizen audit reports, supporting stakeholder engagement to discuss audit report findings and tracking the implementation of the recommendations.

Step Up Nigeria Citizens Guide to The 2018 Audit Report – Key Findings

2017 Audit Report – Key Things You Should Know

2016 Audit Report – Key Findings

Read the full simplified audit report here: 

A Citizen’s Guide to the 2016 Audit Report

2. Citizens Engagement for delivery of public goods and services in rural communities

We are working towards providing platforms for citizens in rural communities across Nigeria to discuss with relevant government agencies on service delivery challenges they face in their communities & collectively identify and implement potential solutions.

Here are some reports from findings from our engagements with citizens in communities:

3. First-Time Voters Integrity Initiative

We are working towards raising first-time voter anticorruption champions between the ages of 17-29 years old, which include men, women and people living with disabilities in marginalised communities across Nasarawa and Lagos states, who will act with integrity during elections, educate fellow community members about the dangers of selling their votes and hold their elected representatives accountable for delivering critical services to their communities.


  • Educate first-time voters in marginalised communities on the negative impact of vote selling on service delivery
  • Strengthen future elections by building a collection of young voters with integrity who understand the negative consequences of vote-buying and selling, and increase first-time voters’ participation in the election process
  • Empower first-time voters to work with community leaders to improve service delivery in their communities


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