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Step Up Nigeria uses various media platforms to shape the discourse on corruption issues in Nigeria and mainstream anti-corruption messages in partnership with stakeholders.

We use selected platforms to discuss key governance issues and identify possible solutions to addressing them. We do this mainly through hosting a fortnightly podcast series that is broadcast on iTunes and stitcher, blog articles and social media. Here’s our most listened to episode below;

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Shaping the Discourse on Elections

Before the 2019 elections, Step Up Nigeria hosted middle-class young Nigerians on our Shape The Discourse podcast in February 2019. The discussion was centred on the role young people play in Nigeria’s electoral process and ways to address critical issues which limit youths participation in the democratic process.

During the elections, Step Up Nigeria also worked with young people across 6 states in Nigeria to monitor and report identified acts of corruption at their polling units during the 2019 elections.

After the 2019 elections, Step Up Nigeria facilitated engagement between young people and policymakers on improving the electoral process.

See Full Report here: Young People and Elections in Nigeria