We are working towards raising first-time voter anticorruption champions between the ages of 17-29 years old, which include men, women and people living with disabilities in marginalised communities across Nasarawa and Lagos states, who will act with integrity during elections, educate fellow community members about the dangers of selling their votes and hold their elected representatives accountable for delivering critical services to their communities.


  • Educate first-time voters in marginalised communities on the negative impact of vote selling on service delivery
  • Strengthen future elections by building a collection of young voters with integrity who understand the negative consequences of vote-buying and selling, and increase first-time voters’ participation in the election process
  • Empower first-time voters to work with community leaders to improve service delivery in their communities


Human Impact Story

Here are some videos of our first-time voters taking actions against vote-buying in their communities

Pictures of first-time voters that participated in the 2023 general elections on 25th February.

Integrity Hotline

The Integrity Hotline is a platform that receives feedback from community members and first-time voters sensitised through our first-time voters’ integrity campaign. The hotline also receives reports of positive actions by the targeted first-time voters against vote selling and buying in their communities.

Reach out to us on our Integrity Hotline via 📞 or WhatsApp on +234 911 232 3198 to share your report! We look forward to hearing from you!

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