Ugochi Ekwueme

Ugochi Ekwueme is currently a partnership associate at B Team. Ugochi is a communications professional with advocacy experience in open contracting, climate change, open government partnership, safer internet, films for change, open data and digital inclusion.

Dapo Olorunyomi

Dapo Olorunyomi is the founder and publisher of Nigeria’s foremost investigative online newspaper, The Premium Times. Mr. Olorunyomi has over 25 years of experience working as a reporter, editor, trainer, and manager in the media sector.

Ekanem Bassey

Ekanem Bassey is an expert on Civil Society, Media and anti-corruption reforms and currently works with the United Nations in South Sudan.

Richard Ough

Richard is a senior economist and international development practitioner focused on economic development and good governance in emerging markets. His experience spans work in Africa, South Asia and more recently with Small States. Richard is passionate about the role of innovation and investment to unlock economic development as well as the need for good governance as the foundation to it all.  His career spans 16 years, and includes work aiming to strengthen transparency and accountability in Nigeria’s oil and gas sector, promoting taxation in Pakistan and Nigeria, and expanding the evidence eco-system on economic reforms, supporting the development of pivotal research such as the use of social norms in the fight against corruption.

Maureen Ideozu

Maureen Ideozu is a chartered management consultant and development professional with over 20 years’ experience working with international and national organizations in the areas of communications, development, public sector administration reforms, service delivery, and change management.

Dr. Akin Oke

Dr. Akin Oke is a certified Executive Coach and Organizational Leadership expert who serves in an advisory capacity to several public and private corporations, as well as international development organizations such as, UK Department for International Development (DFID), United States Department of International Development (USAID), the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs Trade & Development (DFATD) and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His expertise is currently deployed as an Executive Coach and Public Sector management Strategist leading the Centre for Sustainable Leadership, where he acts as a social commentator contributing to the national discourse on good governance and public accountability.

Oiza Nicholson

Oiza Nicholson is the country director for Palladium in Nigeria, a global consulting firm, where she leads its portfolio valued at over £350million pounds, providing country representation and leadership for its relationship with donor clients, its growth and portfolio diversification within the development sector. She is an expert in design and implementation of large and complex multiyear development projects across governance and social development sectors and has led teams that have secured multimillion-pound development projects.

Oiza is passionate about positive impact in the lives of people and communities and has contributed and led innovative approaches that support women empowerment through livelihoods and entrepreneurship.

Onyinye Ough

Onyinye Ough is a Nigerian international development practitioner specializing in anti-corruption and service delivery. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Step Up Nigeria which she established with the aim of strengthening accountability in service delivery by tackling corruption challenges. Onyinye is the author of four children’s books, including a comic series, which focus on the impact of corruption and the importance of showing leadership to tackle it.