Ep.27 Which is the most corrupt institution in Nigeria; the Police or the Judiciary?

SERAP presented a report that assesses the perceptions and experiences of Nigerians as it relates to paying bribes to the Police and the Judiciary, as well as bribes paid to access services in the power, health and education sectors in Nigeria. In this episode, we discuss some interesting findings from the survey to answer the […]

Ep.26 How does corruption affect young people? Insights from the 2019 Afrobarometer

The 2019 Afrobarometer revealed that 1 in 4 Africans pay bribes to access basic services. The Afrobarometer report also showed that corruption affects certain groups of people more than others. In this episode, the Step Up Nigeria team answer three questions.1. Why it is that young people and poor people are the most likely to […]

Ep.25 Can anti-corruption hotlines have any impact in the fight against corruption in Nigeria?

How can Nigerians report the cases of corruption they encounter? Can they seek legal advice and redress? Are there mechanisms in place to make reporting corruption easy? What anti-corruption hotlines are there? In this week’s episode, we discuss lessons learned from the ALAC initiative of the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC).? We examine the […]