The Parent Anti-Corruption Champions Initiative (PACI) was birthed out of our Catch Them Young Initiative which seeks to tackle negative corrupt behaviours and social norms that cause corruption to persist and thrive starting with the younger generation. In building future leaders to act with integrity, the PACI seeks to form partnerships between Step Up Nigeria and parents from schools already engaged to explore approaches parents can use to emphasize the teaching anti-corruption values at home and encourage integrity beliefs and behaviours among their children.


  1. To form partnerships with parents to support children’s education on anti-corruption and integrity in their children’s schools.
  2. To form partnerships with parents to reinforce children’s education on anti-corruption and integrity at home.
  3. To promote parents taking actions to promote integrity in the lives of their children towards grooming parent anti-corruption champions and an annual PACI Star.
  4. Using our media channels to amplify the stories of parents who are taking action to promote anti-corruption teaching in schools and integrity behaviours at home.

Who is a parent anti-corruption champion?

A Parent anti-corruption champion is any parent that instils and promotes anti-corruption values at home. It is also someone who has taken actions to encourage integrity in schools and their communities.

Characteristics of a Parent Anti-Corruption Champion (PACC)

  1. Takes actions to promote integrity and raise awareness of the need for society to shun corruption at home. The measures could include sensitizing children at home and other household members on the need to have integrity and shun corruption. Parents will have to show examples of how they are doing this.
  2. Take specific actions to promote integrity in schools or communities. The activities could include campaigning against parents bribing schools for admissions or good grades, talking to children in schools about the negative impact of cheating, and the need to act with integrity. It can also entail campaigning against teachers who ask for bribes for good grades, campaigning against miracle centres, and sextortion.
  3. They act with integrity when faced with social and cultural pressures. e.g., refusing to give bribes, not providing preferential treatment to friends or families.

Since the initiative was launched in June 2022, we have sensitised over 700 parents about the importance of instilling positive values such as integrity in the lives of their children, and promoting such values in their communities as well. We have also distributed the Step Up Parent Training Guide to aid parents in educating their children on anti-corruption, and becoming positive role models themselves.

Picture Gallery of Our PACI Sessions