By Onyinye Ough

Tosin’s story is Onyinye Ough’s third anti-corruption children’s book. Tosin is a young journalist, determined to write about issues that affect the poor. When a nearby building collapses, killing many local residents, Tosin is determined to uncover the truth. Can she expose the corruption and cover-up before more buildings collapse?

Children's book about corruption in journalism

Written by Onyinye Ough, author of ‘Emeka’s Money’ and ‘Halima’s Vote’, this anti-corruption children’s book focuses on corruption in journalism. It teaches children aged 9 to 14 how corruption undermines the coverage of important issues. The book also shows how investigative journalists with integrity and courage can make a difference. It aims to encourage young people to turn away from a culture of ‘brown envelopes’, and be willing to speak out to make a difference.

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The Catch Them Young Initiative

With thanks to backing from donors such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and MacArthur Foundation, Step Up Nigeria have already reached over 4,200 children with their books and class-room engagements. Over the next two years they will have reached more than 20,000. As part of their engagements, they are beginning to produce young anti-corruption champions who are speaking out against corruption.

One of our young anti-corruption champions is 13 year old Naomi Oloyede, who got the attention of the world in 2019, with her speech at the UNODC Education for Justice conference

Naomi’s speech was focused on creating a fair society and tackling corruption. Onyinye’s dream is that she will be able to roll out this type of engagement to every Nigerian child. “We want to create thousands of Naomi’s. Only if we catch them young can we hope to change public attitudes towards corrupt behaviour.” Onyinye’s children’s books on corruption and her range of creative content under development puts them in a strong position to take on this challenge. If they can change attitudes, Onyinye strongly believes there is hope of properly tackling corruption in Nigeria.

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Teaching kids to speak out about corruption.

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