Step Up Nigeria partners with the UNODC Nigeria and the EFCC to educate Nigeria’s children on anti-corruption and the importance of being a person with integrity.

Collective Action in the fight against corruption. 


As part of our Catch Them Young Initiative, We have trained 500 students on Anti-Corruption Education in 13 Schools across Oyo, Nasarawa and F.C.T sates in Nigeria.  

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  • 249 of those students are girls while 251 of them are boys.
  • 9 schools of the 13 schools reached are in the F.C.T where 389 students were trained
  • 3 Schools in Oyo State were visited with 96 students trained
  • 15 Students in Nasarawa State have been trained.
  • 9 Schools have received Emeka’s Money Book for their Libraries giving over 1000 students access to Anti-Corruption literature.

Step Up Nigeria believes strongly that values are essential in nation building, and that teaching young people the importance of integrity will be effective in  the long run to transform society. Emeka’s Money book has been the pilot tool for our Catch Them Young Initiative teaching children on the impact that corruption has within the society.

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