“Fighting corruption begins with what we teach our children.”

Onyinye Ough, Executive Director, Step Up Nigeria

Introducing Our Integrity Certification programme

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Emeka’s Money Is Winning!

We are pleased to announce to you that our beloved Emeka’s Money Animated Film has been officially selected out of an array of social impact films across Africa for the Silicon Valley African Film Festival 2020 Award and the Africa Film for Impact Festival 2020

Introducing Our Covid-19 & Integrity Campaign #Covid19AndIntegrity

Together, we can beat Coronavirus in Nigeria by acting with integrity.#Covid19AndIntegrity

– Onyinye Ough, ED, Step Up Nigeria

As Nigeria tackles Coronavirus, collective effort is needed to ensure that we reduce spread of the virus. Everyone has a role to play and citizens must support government’s effort to tackle the virus. We must act with integrity doing the right thing all the time even when no one is looking or everyone else is doing the wrong thing.

To successfully limit the spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria, citizens must be transparent and act with integrity at all times. Stay home if you can, if you have to move around, stay safe, observe good hand and personal hygiene, adhere to the guidelines of the lockdown protocol and keep a safe distance from other people.

To amplify the importance of integrity, We have also commenced a special series on our podcast on #Covid19&Corruption. Visit our BLOG to listen to our most recent episodes. Here are some examples of cases in Nigeria where a lack of integrity on the part of 1 individual has led to the infection and eventual death of other Nigerians.

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