Zainab Haruna

Zainab Haruna is the Programme Director at Step Up Nigeria where she provides technical oversight and leadership in the design, planning, and implementation of programme activities. 

Grace Ezema

Grace Ezema is a Program Administration Manager at Step Up Nigeria. She is an experienced professional in financial advisory, budget management,
administration, human resource and programme support to the team. She is
certified in Accounting Principles, Strategy and Operations from the International Business Management Institute – Germany (IBMI).

Halimat Olufade

Halimat Olufade is a Programme Assistant with Step Up Nigeria. She provides programme, monitoring and evaluation, and business development support to the team. She holds a masters in peace and development.

Alhamdu Saidu

Alhamdu Saidu is a Junior Programme Associate, Admin & Logistics with Step Up Nigeria where he provides support to the administrative, programs, and finance team. He also manages logistics functions for Step Up Nigeria.

Gina Anthony Essien

Gina Anthony Essien is the Junior Programme Associate for step-up Nigeria. She provides support to the Programme Associates, Program Manager and the Programme Director. She has experience in community engagement, client relationships and admin/operations.

Ayabachi Likita

Ayabachi Likita is currently a Data Analyst and Programmes Associate in Step Up Nigeria where she helps to collate, analyze and report on the current data findings of the organization.
Aya also believes that corruption should be taught to kids from a young age so that they imbibe these values as soon and as quickly as possible.


Oluwaferanmi Iyanda

Feranmi Iyanda is the Programme & Communications Manager at Step Up Nigeria and currently manages the Lagos Office. She is a development professional with experience in communications and public relations. She has been the project coordinator of Step Up Nigeria’s Catch them Young Initiative in FCT and the Coordinator of the annual Anti-corruption Star Awards. Feranmi is the communications manager and is also the anchor of Step Up Nigeria’s podcast series and YouTube channel.

Feranmi is currently the West Africa Anti-corruption Youth Ambassador. 


David Ayinde

David Ayinde is a Senior Programmes Associate with Step up Nigeria, where he serves as project coordinator of Step Up Nigeria’s Catch Them Young Initiative in Lagos. David is a development enthusiast, one who is passionate about assisting children, teenagers, and young adults in attaining some clarity and focus early in life – which has led to him joining the team of experts and equally passionate individuals at Step Up Nigeria.

Martha Olaleye

Martha Olaleye is a Junior Programme Associate with Step Up Nigeria. She provides programme, monitoring and evaluation support to the team in Lagos State. She also manages logistics functions and business development for the Lagos Office. She holds a Master’s degree in Peace and Development Studies.

Vanessa Emeadi

Vanessa Emeadi is the Junior Communications and Programme Associate at Step Up Nigeria. A graduate of Microbiology with a flair for writing, she considers herself an activist and can be seen writing articles or tweets about causes that are dear to her.

Jumoke Bamidele

Jumoke Bamidele is a Programme and Learning intern with Step Up Nigeria. She hopes to gain experience in data analysis and major communication techniques while building herself to suit the professional environment.


Shekwogaza Ibrahim Kure 

Shekwogaza Ibrahim Kure is a Project Assistant at Step Up Nigeria. He is an experienced advocator, cinematographer, event organizer and provides collaborative support to the team. 
He is a Veterinary Surgeon (in view) from Joseph Sarwuan Tarka University Makurdi – Nigeria. 


Emmanuel Awa Okereke

Okereke Emmanuel Awa is a Project Assistant at Step Up Nigeria and an advocate of good governance. He has great interest in developing healthy, happy and well-educated children who will grow into socially and economically productive adults.

He is a highly motivated and progress-focused graduate of Quantity Surveying, with expert knowledge on construction, construction costs and contracts, operations, administration, and Project management with a standing background in the construction industry. He is also a writer and storyteller.

He is a probational member of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.