Government officials who act with integrity

On this episode of our podcast series, we speak with Friday Odeh, the country director for Accountability Lab Nigeria. We have a special focus on government officials who act with integrity. Accountability Lab is a civil society organisation that seeks to improve youth engagement in the fight against corruption through innovative means. Through the “Integrity Icon” initiative, Accountability Lab name and fame honest civil servants who have shown exemplary resolve in the fight against corruption by choosing integrity when faced with difficult situations. Odeh tells us about the rigorous processes involved in selecting an Icon, the roles Integrity Icons (formerly idol) play after winning, and the initial impact of this initiative.

We also discover how this award has motivated other civil servants to act with integrity? How well the codes of conduct that guide civil servants are adhered to? How we can build a culture of integrity where there is strict compliance to the codes of conduct?

How are you choosing integrity everyday as a citizen of Nigeria? What can you do to ensure that you and others around you act with integrity? We hope you enjoy listening to this episode, let us know your ideas in the comments below!

Find out more about Onyinye Ough’s first book ‘Emeka’s Money’, which sets out the story of government officials who act with integrity.

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