Makoko Community Focus Group Consultations: Vote Buying and Service Delivery

We held focus group discussions at the palace of the Baale (Chief) of Makoko Community. Also present for the discussion was the Chairman Ifelodun CDA and four members of the Baale’s council. All conversations were recorded in Yoruba, the language mostly spoken in the community.

Key Discussion Questions:

  1. What key services do you lack in this community and how have they affected you?
  2. How has this lack of services affected women and young adults?
  3. Have you had the opportunity to present these challenges to the authority? If you did, what were their responses?
  4. How do you affirm a political candidate? Is it by their worthiness or the benefits from the political party?
  5. What was the level of vote-buying during the last election in the community?
  6. How has vote-selling affected the development of the community?


Full report available below.

Focus group discussion with slum communities[14900]

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