Ep.49 Tackling social norms that drive corruption; Lessons from Step Up Nigeria’s Initiatives

Step Up Nigeria turned 2 last month!

It’s been 2 years of testing the social norms approach to tackling corruption through our 3 core initiatives which are; The catch them young initiative, The citizen’s watchdog initiative, and Step Up Media.

On this podcast, Step Up Nigeria Directors, Onyi Ough and Zainab Haruna, share key findings from testing the social norms approach over the past 2 years. They also discuss key challenges and lessons learned from Step Up Nigeria’s work over the past year; and the impact of story telling in changing attitudes and behaviours towards corruption among young people and communities.

Listen to this and more on this week’s episode.

This episode also aired as a video on our YouTube channel. You can watch below or on our channel Step Up TV. (Please subscribe)

We hope you are home and safe as you enjoy this episode. Thank you for listening/watching!

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