Ep.50 What is the importance of a beneficial ownership register for the extractive industry in Nigeria?

Beneficial Ownership Transparency

In December 2019, NEITI achieved a major milestone by establishing a beneficial ownership register for the extractive industry. In this podcast, our guests enlighten us on what a beneficial ownership register is, the steps taken to establish a beneficial ownership register for the extractive industry, and how it can help to ensure beneficial ownership transparency in Nigeria.

We also discuss the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)’s establishment of  a beneficial ownership register for all companies in Nigeria and the roles civil society organizations can play in contributing towards beneficial ownership transparency. Our guests  also give recommendations on the best use of these registers and how this will help with the fight against corruption in Nigeria. 

This podcast features:
|Peter Ogbobine, Director Legal & General Counsel, NEITI |Onyinye Ough, Executive Director, Step Up Nigeria |Feranmi Adeola – Podcast Host|

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