A truly Inspiring piece by a 9-year old child who desires to make a difference. Dear Mr President is a cry from Nigeria’s next generation saying ‘we want to live in a better Nigeria’. We commend Master Jedidiah David for his zeal and courage.

In February 2021, our FCT team visited Kingdom Heritage Model School in Kuje, Abuja. There, we read Ansa’s speech storybook to Jedidiah and all his primary school classmates. Jedidiah listened carefully and understood that bribery and corruption were bad acts because many people were hurt by them. He was moved by all the bribes Ansa’s family had to pay which reminded him of his own experiences with bribery. Immediately, he was motivated to take action to speak up against the issues happening around him. He couldn’t stay silent anymore because he had been taught that children’s voices matter and that they could make a difference if they chose to use their voices to speak. Jedidiah wrote a letter to the President of Nigeria inspired by Ansa’s speech.

What if a child could change the world? What if we all joined hands to help him? Help make sure Jedidiah’s letter gets to the President of Nigeria. Please like, share, tweet, and repost widely.

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