Dear Young One

Education, it wiped the tears of our fathers, and the ones before their fathers. It was a salve against the torture of ignorance, that darkness that left them reeling in circles without hope for a better future.

It was the remedy, finally they saw their future, it was glorious. They learnt to read and write, they continued till they understood that Animal Farm wasn’t about animals, any less than it was comical.

They realised there was power in knowledge, there was great wealth in being knowledgeable and so they agreed; Every child will have access to Education for it is good. Every adult will acquire knowledge no matter how old, for it is a human right. A human right!

Education, the golden key! The key that unlocks every door and creates new paths…paths to better, paths to innovation…paths to the future!

Blank canvas, limitless options
The pen, your mighty weapon
Birthing thoughts on pages
Oh! The light!
That light of understanding
A wonderful feeling
It leaves me wanting more
To learn, to grow, to flourish
A guide, just as it was for our ancestors.

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