For as long as we can remember, corruption has had its claws dug deep in our nation, and this has affected every area of our lives. From bad governance, to poor service delivery, to misappropriation of funds and embezzlement, we see its costs everywhere.

Crude Oil, our major national resource has become a curse for the Nigerians in producing states. Till date, the Niger Delta region continues to be riddled with oil spills, causing healthcare emergencies in communities with poor medical infrastructure, while simultaneously destroying aquatic life and the means of livelihood for the people that live there. Yet, nothing is being done about any of these issues.

The time is upon us, it’s campaign season. Every four years, greedy men and hungry citizens make an exchange of money and gifts for votes. Votes become currency; intimidation and violence, its companion until the next election. Wash, rinse, repeat!

Monster is a short poem by Vanessa Emeadi about the ills of corruption and the need to continue to speak up to fight against corruption. Take your stand to end this menace today.

HE is filled with greed
Stuffing his mouth with the spoils of an unjust war
His hands, bloodied from the souls lost on that dirt road
Spent tyres against jagged asphalt
Wails and screams of lost souls echo…
They mean nothing to him

HE slow dances with pride
Avarice, his sole desire
A secret storeroom filled with stolen goods
He revels in their splendour
His eyes are blind to the oppression of the poor
His gifts are hunger and strife

How long will cries bounce off his ears, 
Stuffed deaf with gains from lives stolen
May his pockets be filled with mites
His lips stretched to his ears
From the mouth of babes
To the heavens above

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