Ep.55 World Children’s Day Debate – As a young person, is there something you can do to stop corruption?

Happy World Children’s Day!

This podcast is slightly different from what you may be used to hearing from us. Its an excerpt from a radio show debate we held with children from Bethel International primary and secondary school Abuja on WEFM 106.3FM Abuja.

The topic for debate on the show today is ‘As a young person, there is something I can do to stop corruption’ with 1 team for the motion and another one against the motion. We recommend that you listen to this episode with your children and hope that you enjoy listening.

This episode has also aired as a video on our YouTube channel. You can watch below or on our channel Step Up TV. (Please subscribe)

We hope you are safe as you enjoy this episode. Thank you for listening/watching!

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