most corrupt institution in Nigeria

Ep.27 Which is the most corrupt institution in Nigeria; the Police or the Judiciary?

most corrupt institution in Nigeria

SERAP presented a report that assesses the perceptions and experiences of Nigerians as it relates to paying bribes to the Police and the Judiciary, as well as bribes paid to access services in the power, health and education sectors in Nigeria.

In this episode, we discuss some interesting findings from the survey to answer the following questions;
Which is the most corrupt institution in Nigeria?
Is the judiciary the ticking time bomb that we are yet to address in Nigeria?
How will the anti-corruption performance assessment survey help anti-corruption efforts in Nigeria? and
What practical steps can be taken to fight corruption in the identified sectors?

Discussants: Kola Oluwadare (SERAP), Zainab Haruna and Feranmi Adeola (Step Up Nigeria)

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