Step Up Nigeria Citizens Guide to The 2018 Audit Report – Key Findings

The 2018 audit report was released recently and highlights different issues with funds management in Nigeria’s public sector.

Here are 10 key issues emerging from the report;

  1. No improvement in the management of our public resources by government agencies, ministries, and parastatals.
  2. Significant weaknesses in how public monies were spent by MDA’s.
  3. Public procurement rules are still frequently disobeyed by government agencies.
  4. 10 Agencies paid over N1,000,000,000 for services not provided or projects that were uncompleted.
  5. Public spending rules were not being followed in payments worth over N23,000,000,000.
  6. Improper Retirement of Cash advances in funds over N350,000,000.
  7. Limited Accountability in the remittance of public funds with over N54,000,000,000 remaining unremitted.
  8. The sum of over N370,000,000 was granted as cash advances above the approved threshold of N200,000.
  9. Unexplained withdrawals were made by the department of petroleum resources amounting to over N759,000,000.
  10. Poor accountability by MDA’s to audit queries.

What role do you think citizens can play to improve accountability for funds management in Nigeria’s public sector? What other recommendations do you have? Share your thoughts in the comments below;

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