Halima’s Vote – A short animated film about Corruption; An interview with the Cast & Producers.

We recently released a short animated film titled ‘Halima’s Vote’. Halima’s Vote is the powerful story of one woman who against all odds, chose to challenge the status quo of silence, intimidation, vote buying and corruption in her community by demanding for better service delivery and good governance. Halima sparked a change in how her community viewed vote buying and vote selling and secured a better life for her family and community in the process. On this podcast we meet the cast who play the roles of Halima, Ahmed, and Ugo and the film producers.

  • Cast:
  • Ibrahim Suleiman – as Ahmed
  • Keseina Phillips-Odogwu – as Halima
  • Gregory ‘Teddy-Bear’ Ojefua – as Ugo
  • Producers:
  • Onyinye Ough – Author/Executive Producer
  • Mbuotidem Johnson – Director/Producer

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