October 23rd, 2022, I received a letter that would shatter my false bravado

Headline – Fear has made its home in my country 

My country, many times has been out of the frying pan and into the fire

Yet, there is still a quiver in my hands and chest at the whispers of bad news.

My countrymen have had to find new ways to live with the fear

Fear of the unknown, of today, and tomorrow

Fearful of that dreaded call from faceless men, and the words ‘kidnapped’ 

A loved one has turned hostage material, worth millions in ransom

In a country where millions now are worth fewer millions each day

A country with a lot of fear and a lot to fear.

Suicide rages… Death Beckons!

First it was Boko Haram


Then unknown gunmen and bandits

Security Alerts ring loud

Beware of terrorists!

Nature repulsed

Brings in the floods

Her children

Homeless & Hungry

But abandoned by those who swore to serve

Is there no peace for the distraught?

No respite for the troubled?

Nothing left to pillage

Except our own lives

How much worse before we scream?

If countrymen are the problem

Countrymen are the solution

Act now, we must!

To save us from all mortal ills

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