London Anti-corruption Summit

Ep.23 Nigeria’s implementation of the London Anti-corruption summit and GFAR commitments; A review

London Anti-corruption Summit

At the 2016 London anti-corruption summit and global forum on asset recovery (GFAR), Nigeria signed on to a global framework on asset recovery. The summit focused on tackling corruption through 3 approaches. 1. Exposing corruption. 2. Punishing corrupt people. 3. Driving out the culture of corruption. 31 commitments and 10 principles came out of these sessions. Nigeria has begun implementing 20 of those commitments (65%), 16% are yet to begin, and 10% have been completed.

On this podcast, we speak with ANEEJ’s Dr. Mathew Ayibakuro to review Nigeria’s implementation of the 2016 anti-corruption commitments. We look at how these principles/commitments are useful in the fight against corruption in Nigeria. We also discuss the return of the stolen Abacha loot to Nigeria. The principles that guarded the use of those funds, and ANEEJ’s efforts to monitor the recovery of stolen assets.

To find out more about these commitments and why they are important to tackle corruption in Nigeria, please listen in. Please also share your thoughts in the comments.

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