How can we begin to inspire lawful behaviour from young people all over the world? How can we get young people interested in governance and rule of law issues? How can we shift the social drivers of corruption in Nigeria? The UNODC and Step Up Nigeria, through the Education for Justice program (E4J) and Catch them Young initiative (CYI), are educating young people on governance, anti-corruption and rule of law issues. The goal is to groom young people into persons of integrity who will be champions for global development.

On this week?s podcast, we interviewed Marco Teixeira, a senior program coordinator for the UNODC E4J program on the objectives and achievements of the program so far, and goals for the future. Listen in to find out more about the E4J, tools available to teach young children (including Chuka game and Emeka?s Money) and how the UNODC and Step Up Nigeria are working to achieve peace, justice and strong institutions through education.

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  1. Congratulations, good interview.
    Excellent program to support the fight against behavioral deviance of young people.

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