Ep.1 African Anti-Corruption Day – meet the Step Up Nigeria Team & hear about soon to be published book ‘Emeka’s Money’

We proudly launch the first Step Up Nigeria Podcast on African anti-corruption day. The Step Up Nigeria Team introduce themselves and Onyniye Ough talks about her children’s book ‘Emeka’s Money’.

African anti-corruption day

This children’s book teaches children the harm caused by corruption and the value of integrity.

Onyinye Ough also spoke about her book to Boason Omofaye on his Business Morning show.

CGTN later covered the roll-out of ‘Emeka’s Money’ to schools in Nigeria in their special focus on tackling corruption in Nigeria. This helped to showcase the work Step Up Nigeria is doing to a broader audience, beyond Nigeria.

Find out more about Step Up Nigeria’s projects and other ways we are helping to make a difference not just on African anti-corruption day, but through-out the year.


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