Emeka’s Money Animated Film – An interview with Governor Teso played by Greg ‘Teddy Bear’ Ojefua

Step Up Nigeria just launched Emeka’s Money Animated Film on our YouTube Page Step Up TV. The film features Emeka, who works for the Governor of his State, Governor Teso Chinedu Olayinka. Emeka’s friends pay Emeka a visit at the governor’s  office that changes the lives of many people in the state. To get the full story, please watch the full short film.

Ahead of the launch, Step Up Nigeria podcast host Feranmi Adeola interviewed the cast members of the film. Here’s the interview with Greg ‘Teddy Bear’ Ojefu who played Governor Teso in the film.

Feranmi: Hello, please introduce yourself.

Greg: Good afternoon, my name is Gregory Ojefua, I played the Governor in Emeka’s Money Film. 

Feranmi: Thank you, Greg. It’s good having you on our podcast today. Tell us a bit about yourself. We know you are a full time actor but have you ever been in an animated film? And what has your journey acting been like?

Greg: My acting career has been good. It started over a decade ago and I paused for a while. I came back to it after more studies. It wasn’t easy getting into the Industry because I didn’t have any godfather nor did I come in with a New York Film Academy certificate if you know what I mean. I had to put in the work. I auditioned and auditioned until things started happening. I got a break when I got to play a role on Tinsel, then my movie break came when I played a role in Lekki Wives series and then the roles kept coming. I also got to play the wicked boss in Surulere. 

The highlight so far and the most challenging role for me would be playing the late General Odumegwu Ojukwu in a short film that starred me as the General. It was a challenging experience and the most interesting so far. I would say I have had my ups and downs and that’s life. So far so good I would say. 

I have also voiced several South Africa soaps aired in Swahili but did an English voice over for it, including some radio jingles and the rest. This for me was quite similar, just having to forget facing the camera and put in all that emotion and life into the voice so that people can feel the character from the voice. It was fun and lovely. I enjoyed the character because I tend to like playing the bad guy. 

Feranmi: What stood out to you most when you first got the script? And how do you feel about being part of this animated film since you have been part of other ones?

Greg: I like the realistic nature of the story and that hit me the first time because this is what is happening in the country today. The country is where it is today because of people like the character I played, the governor and Emeka… before he became “born again”.  

Feranmi: So what part did you enjoy most in recording this film? And do you think the creative industry should have more content like this out?

Greg: I enjoyed the fact that I was doing what I love doing. I love acting, impacting people, I love creating reactions, I love being a part of a creative project, I love being part of a mission that has a positive goal. So for me, that was a whole lot of it coupled with the reception and honour accorded me to be on the project. I enjoyed every part of it. I also look forward to being part of more similar projects. People, like I said earlier, shy away from wanting to say things the way they are. As long as there are more avenues to say the truth out there, count me in. This film is special in that it educates and entertains at the same time, edutainment as I like to call it. We definitely need more original realistic situation type feeling stories. We need to put this message across. 

Feranmi: What message do you have for anyone who watches this film? 

Greg: I would love to tell you, to look forward to entertainment and getting educated as well. Look forward to what I called an “optic culinary feast”. Your eyes are going to enjoy the meal prepared for it because the animated film is fantastic. Prepare to feed your eyes with great graphics, your ears with great voices,  and watch something that speaks the truth with originality. Also be prepared to spread out the message which the story tells. Thumbs up to the animators and everyone on this project. Great job.

To listen to the full podcast, see below;

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