Catch Them Young Initiative’

This project is focused on using storytelling to educate young Nigerians on the meaning of corruption and its impact on society. We use books to teach children about the real costs of corruption. Our goal is to get as many schools as possible (both public and private schools) to adopt anti-corruption books as a part of their civic education teaching. We will also advocate for anti-corruption education to be included in the curriculum of primary schools.

So far we have been able to reach 500 children in 13 schools across the Federation. See Statistics below;



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Citizen Watchdog Initiative

This project is focused on building social accountability in the following areas:

1. Public Sector Audit Process: We are working towards producing citizen audit reports, supporting stakeholder engagement to discuss audit report findings and tracking the implementation of the recommendations.


2. Delivery of public goods and services in selected rural communities in FCT & Nasarawa State.

We are working towards providing a platform for citizens in these communities to discuss with relevant government agencies on service delivery challenges they face in these communities & collectively identify potential solutions)

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Shaping the discourse on corruption and service delivery

We use selected platforms to discuss key governance issues and identify possible solutions to addressing them. We do this mainly through hosting a fortnightly podcast series that is broadcast on iTunes and stitcher, blog articles and social media.

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