Step Up Nigeria is in Lagos!

Our vision is to ensure that every Nigerian child has access to anti-corruption literature & tools and we are taking that vision to children one state at a time, We are glad that children in Lagos state can join those in FCT, Nasarawa and Oyo states benefiting from our Catch Them Young Initiative.

Step Up Nigeria launched Education for Justice(E4J) tools in the F.C.T

Through the month of May, Step Up Nigeria launched Education for Justice(E4J) tools in the F.C.T . Children were exposed to E4J tools like Emeka’s Money book and The Zorbs animated series. They were also introduced to other tools that teach children about rule of law issues like The Bribe Busters cartoon.
Children were taken through sessions to discuss the importance of codes of conduct and why they must be obeyed, and some schools held debates to discuss the role of young people and education in the fight against corruption in Nigeria.
We wrapped up the month with a Teachers introductory session to UNODC’s Education for Justice and Step Up Nigeria’s Catch Them Young Initiative.

Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate women taking a stand against corruption, Halima’s Vote is read to young girls on air at petalsFM Ibadan. The book Halima’s Vote highlights the role, responsibility, and power that girls and women have to tackle corrupt acts in their communities.

No Services, No Vote!

Step Up Nigeria engaged primary 4-5 students from Pilot science nursery and primary school zone 5, Abuja on an educative session on electoral corruption using ‘Halima’s Vote’. The Children learned about the impact of vote buying in elections and the need for communities to demand good services from their elected representatives. The session ended with the children chorusing #NoServicesNoVote – My vote is my power, it is not for sale.