Building Bridges to tackle corruption and improve service delivery in Nigeria
 The year 2021 was an exciting year for Step Up Nigeria. From the launch of our first virtual reality film to winning international film awards, the impact of our work in building future leaders with integrity was its own reward.  As we look forward to 2022, here are our top 10 highlights from the year 2021. We are grateful for the efforts of our team, and the support from our donors and partners in achieving all that we have in 2021 and we look forward to achieving greater in 2022. 

Building Future Leaders to Act with Integrity – 20,000 children and Counting

Step Up Nigeria has directly sensitized over 20,000 children to resist corruption and choose integrity. This year, 16,426 children were sensitized on the real costs of corruption and the need to act with integrity. Of the total children, 12,712 were school children, while 3,714 children were out of school children and children living with disabilities. More than 100 schools have started teaching anti-corruption as a standalone subject or as an integrated part of existing teaching in their schools. To achieve this, we partnered with policymakers in the private and public education sector across the three states in which we worked (Lagos, Abuja and Kaduna), including AFED, NAPPS and the State Ministries of Education. 

Halima’s Vote is Winning!

We launched Halima’s Vote Animated Film in June at Silverbird Cinemas, Ikeja and on our YouTube channel Step Up TV. Since then, Halima’s Vote has been nominated for and won several awards including the Africa Film for Impact Festival Award for best movie on accountability and governance, and best animation. Halima’s Vote is a modern parable on the impact of vote-buying in elections from the entire family, so If you haven’t seen the movie yet, click the link above to view. The film was also launched with a full EP soundtrack that can be played from anywhere. Listen in on your preferred streaming platform.


Anti-corruption Storybooks approved by Curriculum Departments

The Lagos state ministry of education through the Curriculum Services Department has approved all four of our anti-corruption storybooks; Emeka’s Money, Halima’s Vote, Ansa’s Speech and Tosin’s Story, as recommended texts for the teaching of children in primary 3-6 in all public and private schools in Lagos State. The Quality Assurance office in Kaduna State has also approved Tosin’s Story as a recommended text for primary 3-6 in Kaduna State. The association of low-cost private schools in Nigeria, AFED, have also adopted the Step Up Nigeria anti-corruption scheme of work as the scheme of work to be used in teaching civic education across all AFED schools in Nigeria. 

We launched a Virtual Reality Film about Corruption in Nigeria’s Education System called Sherifat’s School

We launched a Virtual Reality Film titled Sherifat’s School. The VR Film highlighted the effects of corruption in the education sector with senior public servants in FCT, Abuja and Kaduna. Participants had an immersive experience being Sherifat and as a result, many participants took an anti-corruption pledge to tackling kickbacks and bribery in their organization and to act with integrity. We held a total of four virtual reality film screening sessions in Lagos and Abuja with over 120 senior public servants in attendance. Over half of all participants wrote action plans on how they would ensure transparency and accountability by shunning corruption and advocating against in their Ministries, Departments, and Agencies. The VR film can be viewed on our YouTube channel. View with VR glasses for a more immersive experience. 

The 2021 Anti-corruption Star Awards

The 2021 Anti-Corruption Star awards is the 2nd edition of our awards ceremony seeking to highlight the work being done by children, teachers, school owners and policymakers to promote integrity and tackle corruption. The hybrid event took place in December 2021 and participants joined in from all over Nigeria and the world. The videos of our top 20 nominees for the year were showcased with a view to inspiring many others to act against corruption. We had 10 winners this year with 3 winners in our special Dedication Award, two winners in the Junior Young Anti-Corruption Star category and 1 winner in the Senior, out-of-school, and disabilities sub-category of the Young Anti-Corruption Star. We also had a winner each in the teacher, media, and policymaker categories. Overall, it was an inspiring event and an encouragement to all participants to tackle corruption and stand for what is right. We hope to see you next year! 

Teachers Training on Anti-Corruption

This year we trained 80 teachers on how to teach anti-corruption education to children using fun and creative approaches. They learned fun and effective techniques to use in teaching anti-corruption in the classrooms, and how to develop lesson plans, tasks and key learning outcomes. At the end of the virtual training sessions, all participants confirmed that they had a better understanding of their role in tackling corruption and are more confident and motivated to begin teaching. Over 20 teachers are currently teaching anti-corruption using Civic Education, Security Education, Drama and Moral instruction. Sign up for the virtual training here

Mainstreaming Anti-Corruption Education in the Media

We partnered with several media houses this year to leverage their platforms to mainstream anti-corruption content targeted at children and families.  This content includes radio broadcasts using our anticorruption storybooks, radio show debates, and features on Newspaper articles. We have also established regular free features on TV stations that air our anti-corruption content to a wider audience. We would like to say a special thank you to our partners We FM, Correct FM, Petals FM, Love FM, China Global Television Network (CGTN) The IFP, The Nation’s Newspaper and Pineapple TV for their contribution to freely education Nigerians on the dangers of corruption and the need to tackle it.  
Step Up Media

Our YouTube channel Step Up TV has interesting content for the family this season. Do gather the family for a fun viewing of integrity boosting content. You can also listen to our podcast on your prefferred podcasting platforms or on our YouTube channel Step Up TV. Some of our guests for the year on our most listened to episodes include;Dr Liz David Barrett, Professor of Governance and Integrity at the University of Sussex, on Ep.56 ‘What can Nigeria and countries do to prevent corruption in the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines?’ and Matthew Page, Expert Consultant and Author, on Ep.59 Are UK Private Schools a possible route for PEPs to channel unexplained wealth? 

Meet our New & Improved Team

The Step Up Nigeria team grew from a team of 8 to a team of 12 this year and we ended the year with a fantastic team building and bonding retreat session. The team at Belbin trained us to strengthen our understanding of team roles and we are ready and excited for all that we would achieve in 2022. Meet the Step Up Nigeria Team. 


Get Our Books

Have you found the perfect holiday gift for that wonderful young person in your life? Emeka’s Money, Halima’s Vote, Tosin’s Story and Ansa’s Speech are available for purchase at a bookstore near you. We’ve also partnered with several bookstores such as Vog and Wood Bookshop, Roving Heights and Patabah Bookstore, so you can access our storybooks from anywhere in the world. Get the books physically in their stores or on Jumia, Amazon or the roving heights website

Join Step Up Nigeria!

Step Up Nigeria membership is set up for individuals, organizations, students and families who want to be a part of the fight against corruption. The membership platform allows interested persons to join forces with Step Up Nigeria to tackle corruption around us. We thank and welcome all our new members and have exciting plans for you all in the coming year. Join us to spread the message of anti-corruption to a larger audience, in every area of the world. Sign up HERE

We achieved all of these great feats in 2021 with funding and support from the MacArthur Foundation. Thank you. 

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