Building bridges to tackle corruption through  a community of integrity champions, towards improved service delivery in Nigeria…

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June brought an abundance of excitement and inspiration as we witnessed individuals taking a stand against corruption and engaging with their political leaders to address service delivery challenges. The month was filled with remarkable moments that have ignited a spark of hope and determination. Join us as we delve into the top activities and achievements from June, celebrating the courageous actions of those who are leading the charge for transparency, accountability, and a better future.


Our 12 dedicated fellows, after successfully completing the initial phase of the Step-Up Fellowship program, embarked on an impactful second phase: fieldwork alongside our team. Their active involvement in advocacy sessions with children, parents, teachers, and school owners has made a significant difference. The fellows extended their outreach to their communities, conducting training sessions for youth and elders. They diligently raised awareness about the detrimental effects of corruption, particularly its impact on service delivery, while emphasising the crucial importance of acting with integrity.Together, we continue to empower and support our fellows in their quest to build a more transparent, accountable, and integrity-driven society.


As we wrap up our pilot phase of  the First-Time Voters Integrity Initiative, we recognised the importance of fostering stronger connections between the communities we engaged and their political leaders. In an effort to bridge the gap and promote dialogue, we organised a final meeting with these leaders, serving as a platform for open and constructive communication.In Lagos, our exceptional first-time voters took charge, organising impactful town hall meetings in Mawere, Agboyi, Ajegunle; Shogbesan & Ugbowankwo. They fearlessly addressed their leaders, highlighting the pressing service delivery challenges faced by their communities. The response from the leaders was reassuring, as they expressed their commitment to addressing these issues and ensuring a better future for all.

During one of these meetings, the Mawere Community Development Association bestowed upon Step Up Nigeria a prestigious award, recognising our invaluable contribution to the development of the community. We are deeply humbled and proud to have made a positive impact in these communities.


We firmly believe that every child has the right to receive education and that anti-corruption learning must form part of that education. In our mission to empower out-of-school children in Lagos, Abuja, and Nasarawa states, we have taken a special focus on inclusivity. We collaborated with dedicated special care providers to ensure that children with diverse needs, including those with hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, autism, physical challenges, deafness, muteness, and learning disabilities, are not left behind. Through tailored sessions, we sensitised these incredible children to the importance of taking a stand against corruption and acting with integrity. We emphasised that their actions hold immense power and can shape their outcomes. By investing their time, skills, and education in fighting corruption, they can reap positive rewards. Conversely, if they merely complain without taking action, they unintentionally contribute to the persistence of corruption, which brings only negative consequences.


We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Integrity Certification program to schools in Keffi, Nasarawa state. This significant step comes shortly after witnessing the enthusiastic embrace of the program by school owners in Lafia. We are delighted that school owners in Keffi can now join us in adopting measures that will foster a culture of integrity within their educational institutions.Together, let us bid farewell to poor educational standards and welcome a new era where integrity flourishes, paving the way for a brighter future for our students and society as a whole. Embrace integrity for a better tomorrow!


Our founder’s words ring true: ‘Fighting corruption begins with what we teach children’. This powerful quote serves as the guiding principle behind our Parent Anti-corruption Champions Initiative. As parents, it is crucial to reflect on the values we impart to our children, both consciously and unconsciously. Are there habits they may acquire from us that either deter them from corrupt behaviours or inadvertently promote them?These vital messages lie at the core of our sensitisation sessions with parents. We emphasise that before teaching children about fighting corruption, we must first embody anti-corruption values ourselves. Integrity, transparency, fairness, and other essential virtues serve as the foundation for instilling these values in the next generation. We commend the parents who have embraced this responsibility, taking action within their homes and setting positive examples for their children.


We are thrilled to announce that Step Up Nigeria will be commemorating five years of implementing transformative projects across Nigeria. This momentous occasion will also mark the launch of a comprehensive report titled “Anti-corruption Education in Nigeria: A Complementary Tool or an Alternative to Enforcement?”. We invite you to join us on the 27th of July, 2023, as we explore the findings and recommendations of this insightful report. In addition to the report launch, we will be hosting an exhibition showcasing our diverse range of anti-corruption tools. This exhibition is open to everyone, providing an opportunity to engage with our impactful materials and learn more about our work.
More details will be shared through our social media handles. Save the date and be part of the journey!

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