We engaged Children from Boshen Destiny School, Abuja.
Halima determined to stand-up for the rights of her people when politicians would come with small gifts of cash or bags of rice at election time in order to win the votes of the villagers. These children learn what it means to stand for integrity and justice just like in Halima’s Vote and the negative impacts of corrupt leadership on basic services meant for communities. we are showing the next generation that they can each stand against corruption wherever they find themselves.

Happy International Women’s Day !

Step Up Nigeria Launched “Halima’s Vote” the second book in the Children’s anti-corruption book series by Executive Director, Onyinye Ough. A modern parable about the impact of vote buying in Nigeria written for children ages 6 – 13 years old, the book aims to encourage a new generation of leaders to change how things are done on the continent and shows the vital role that women can play in the fight against corruption across Africa.

“No services, No vote, our votes are not for sale”
We read Halima’s Vote to Primary school children from Model nursery and primary school, Maitama and L.EA nursery and primary school wuse zone 6 in the F.C.T. They learn that they are not too young to speak up against wrong-doing in their community.

“I learnt that rice and money will not help us, what we need are good schools and clinics. We should vote the right person to give us these services”

Ahmed, Primary 4 student in the FCT.

Step Up Nigeria launched Emeka’s Money children’s book – A modern parable about the impact of corruption –  as part of our Catch Them Young Initiative which seeks to use storytelling to educate young Nigerians on the meaning of corruption and it’s effects on society. See Pictures below:


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The Step Up Nigeria team were joined by special guest, Mr. Ismail Adleye, Director at the office of the Auditor-General of the Federation to discuss “Nigeria’s Supreme Audit Institution and the fight against corruption”

This is from Episode 4 of our bi-weekly podcast series which you can listen to on our blog.

As part of our Citizen Watchdog initiative, Step Up Nigeria visited rural communities in Dari Ward LGA of Nasarawa state and Kusa LGA of Kogi state to build social accountability in the delivery of public goods and services. See photos below.

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