Ep.10 How to build integrity in Nigeria’s public service.

What can we do to ensure that there is a guide in place to govern the behaviour of public servants? How can we promote values that will help build a society with people of integrity?

Dr. Nuzo Eziechi with the Step Up Nigeria team.

This week, the Step Up Nigeria team interviewed Dr. Nuzo Eziechi, the recipient of the 2017 Integrity Idol award  and discussed ways to possibly improve integrity in the Public Service.

Ep. 9 Collective action in the fight against corruption – Lessons from Primrose Sonti

South African MP and grassroots activist Primrose Sonti MP with Executive Director of Step up Nigeria, Onyinye Ough.

After the tragic killing of 37 miners from the Marikana community by the South African Police in 2012, Madam Primrose Sonti led her community in a fight for justice, demanding accountability from government and from the mining company that they believed had failed the Marikana community.

Madam Primose Sonti (now a South African Member of Parliament) is a good example of how those at the grassroots, particularly women, can become leaders and mobilise citizens in the fight against potential corruption and in promotion of community rights. She is also the protagonist in the documentary movie ‘Strike a Rock’ which shows the struggle being faced by the Markina community.

In this interview, Primose Sonti explains her motivation and how she was able to mobilise the women to fight for justice by standing up against the the mining company and the South African government.

Ep. 8 How Nigeria’s presidential aspirants intend to tackle corruption & what Nigerian youth expect

Youth are an integral part of every society, it is for that reason that engaging them in the fight against corruption is absolutely necessary.

This week, Nigerian youth discuss the plans of aspiring presidential candidates to tackle corruption in Nigeria, as well their expectations of the emerging government.

Ep.7 Preventing corruption in cash transfers for the poor- Nigeria’s Household Uplifting Programme

Step Up Nigeria Programme Associate Feranmi Adeola and Executive Director Onyinye Ough meet with the National Coordinator of Nigeria’s National Cash Transfer Office, Dr Temitope Sinkaiye.

Lots of discussion has been focused on the cash transfer programme run by Nigeria’s National Social Investment Office, largely because this programme is the first of its kind specifically targeted at the poorest of the poor members of Nigeria’s society. This week’s podcast sheds some light on petty corruption in the programme and the measures used to prevent and tackle it.