Ep.10 How to build integrity in Nigeria’s public service.

What can we do to ensure that there is a guide in place to govern the behaviour of public servants? How can we promote values that will help build a society with people of integrity?

Dr. Nuzo Eziechi with the Step Up Nigeria team.

This week, the Step Up Nigeria team interviewed Dr. Nuzo Eziechi, the recipient of the 2017 Integrity Idol award  and discussed ways to possibly improve integrity in the Public Service.

Written by Onyinye Ough

Onyinye Ough is a Nigerian international development practitioner specialising in anti- corruption and service delivery. Onyinye recognised that there was a problem in Nigeria with many corrupt practices having become culturally acceptable and sought to put together a book for children to help educate them on the impact of corruption. In 2018 she established the Nigerian based Non-Government Organisation ‘Step Up for Social Development and Empowerment’ (Step Up Nigeria) with the aim to help strengthen accountability on government delivery and tackle some of the corruption challenges.

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